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I have plans to publish a data and information dashboard that is not created in isolation form our community partners, advocates, and leaders who rely on the data. Data from the Coroner’s Office is needed by various groups to plan their missions, set their budgets, and monitor their success. I am meeting with groups across our community to better understand their missions and their need for information. Working together we can create the most efficient and beneficial database to meet their needs.

The data and information dashboard will present information that is meaningful to each groups unique mission. The Coroner’s Office must not simply throw information together and present it to the public, there must be a cohesive purpose and meaning behind each data set. I will have a constant dialogue and follow up with the data users, I will adapt to changing needs in the community, and constantly work to improve the data sharing process through community engagement and reflection.

Proper data sharing and analysis is a complicated and advanced process. I am experienced and educated in data analysis, research methods, and GIS mapping applications. I will publish an in-depth Annual Report in an efficient manner and thoroughly analyze trends from the data dashboard and our community partners. I will ensure the data on the dashboard is consistent with and supported by the coroner’s database software and reports. It is important that objective data published on the dashboard is supported by additional facts and qualitative data recorded by the office.

Data sharing is a complex process. I will ensure the best quality of information is available in an accessible and transparent manner. The combination of a community-inspired data dashboard; detailed and accurate database entry; and professional, high quality Annual Reports will ensure our community partners and leaders succeed in their unique missions.

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