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Stephen Hanks for Larimer County Coroner

As your Coroner I will apply my education and experience to leading the office in a professional manner, highlighting our public service role in the community, and protecting the privacy and dignity of you and your loved ones.


Mission & Values

A Commitment to Public Service and the Public Good

  • Stephen is a compassionate leader who serves the public with integrity, dignity, and respect.

  • Stephen believes the Coroner should play an active role in the issues affecting the Larimer County community. Stephen will work alongside county leaders, law enforcement, and community members to address community concerns.

  • An essential mission of the Coroner's Office is providing information in an effective and efficient manner to those who need it. Stephen will ensure accessibility and transparency of data are a top priority.

  • Above all else, Stephen understands the importance of protecting personal dignity and privacy of information, and will take all necessary protections in honoring your privacy.


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Loveland, CO

(970) 219-4062

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